Water Coloring Tips for Kids

Watercolor may be quite difficult for a beginner (crayon is easier), but it will be fun and easy when you have the proper equipment and basic techniques of watercolor. Previously may have been given a tutorial watercolor painting with simple and this time let us raise its level. Moreover as friend this tutorial has improved better than the first tutorial; with mention of the supplies required makes everything get Easier and also found some hints and warning typed in blue and red. Okay, what are you waiting for? Let’s read the tutorial and start learn to paint.

Watercolor Painting

Here is the basic equipment in the liquid paint. The first is watercolor paper. You can buy at the store nearest art tools. Avoid the use of printer paper. The second is mechanical pencil to draw the main outline. Eraser could use a highlighter brand, mono, and others. Mechanical removal is to remove part of the detail. Household brush or paint brush is for cleaning dust eraser. Watercolor brush sizes small, medium, and large are used in this tutorial and use a brush with sharp edges to paint small details that do not use worn out brush. Worn out brush is for leveling and mixing colors on the palette. Dropper is to add water in sufficient quantity on the palette.

Peacock Watercolor

You can also use dishes or containers but the palette of this type is better. Please use at least two containers of water. One is for cleaning brushes and one to mix the paint. Do not use only one container of water, because it will be faster cloudy and thickens from washing brushes and damaging the painting when the turbid water reuse to be mixed with the paint. Opaque white is to be mixed with paint to create a blurring effect or used directly for the white point or highlight. Another alternative may be to use poster paint white. You can use a watercolor quality grade for student or other brands with quality artists. Color pencil is to draw small details and retouching. Soft Pastel is used with wool or cotton bud to create a fog effect or airbrush effects. Tissue is tool needed in watercolor technique. Use tissue size and ketch and its function are to clean the brush, brush and absorb water from the wet paper.

Paint A Set Of Watercolor Paints Lit From Inside Of A Tent

Make a sketch in a sketchbook and then the original image on watercolor paper. When drawing advised scratch using gentle pressure so as to be easily removed when the error occurred. Okay, we start coloring starts from the skin. Let some areas remain white paper as a highlight effect on the cheeks and paint it with wet in wet technique. Put a piece of paper as a base of the palms at the time of dyeing. This can prevent the friction arm which will disperse pencil lines or color. Avoid laying a hand on a surface moist or wet.

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