5 Coloring Tips for Detail Picture Using Colored Pencils

In the coloring or using colored pencils, apparently there are some techniques that we can use, you know. They are ranging from simple ways to fairly exercise patience. Who would have thought, even the professionals also use a way of coloring like children early age. Do you not believe? Here are some techniques of color pencils that could be useful in developing talents and hobbies our sons and daughters. The technique of color pencil includes 5 main ways, namely stippling, hatching, cross-hatching, back and forth strokes, and giving solid color. For more detail, let us refer to the one explanation.

Colored Pencil Blending Technique Using Vaseline

1. The first is stippling way

To add to the creation in the coloring of the image using stippling can be generally defined as a technique using fine dots.

2. The second is hatching

Hatching in our country is known as hatching also. Therefore, hatching is shaded. Mechanical hatches into a technique using colored pencils are not too difficult to be implemented. You can stay to create parallel lines to form a color or shade. The lines in shading like this should be unidirectional.

Beautiful Color Pencil Drawings And Drawing Tips For Beginners

3. The third is cross-hatching

Cross-hatching is hatching technique development. If the hatching technique is creating parallel lines in the same direction, cross-hatching techniques require users to override color pencil parallel lines in accordance with the hatching technique other parallel lines that intersect or crossing.

4. The fourth is back & forth strokes

This technique is probably the most common of all the techniques of color pencils. If Mother is hard to imagine, we can see how a child’s kindergarten or early childhood coloring pictures with color pencil. As the name implies, the hand just need to move back and forth when coloring. This way is the best way to give a solid color.

Tips And Techniques For Colored Pencil Artists

5. The last is by using one technique that can be used to give a solid color

The trick is quite easy just need to move the circular colored pencil without lifting it. Turning technique is also good. This technique is done by rotating repeatedly pencil on paper so that the paper stained by color. The pro is that the average results will be maximally good. However, the process is longer. Coloring app in the form of pictures tend to be the same process. For example is the applications staining color gradation by older way in a new precedence in the overlap or mixed with lighter colors.

Color Pencil Drawing Technique Tutorials And Galleries

Well, after mastering some techniques using the colored pencils, you could begin to teach it to your children. So they will have quite a lot of ways to explore the hobby of coloring. Apparently with coloring using colored pencils we can also add the knowledge.

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