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Coloring is one activity that is very popular with children preschool age. During this time I thought that it was a good coloring origin tidy and not out of line. As it up when my son entered kindergarten. At the beginning of the semester, the school held a coloring contest for mothers and children. To enliven the event and delight, I also participated in the contest. I think when the results of coloring I’ve been very nice. But why lose! I did some investigating and discovered that other mothers are far better than me. How not, they are coloring techniques! I just found out that in fact there is any coloring technique.

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Well, on that basis I intend to make this writing, just sharing a little knowledge I know about the coloring technique for beginners. Because after I lost in a coloring contest which I mentioned earlier, I was browsing the coloring tips for beginners but it is difficult I found an article that discussed clearly and simply. Even when I was browsing a good example of the coloring, I was also difficult to find. So I just made this record, in case anyone needed it.

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The core of the coloring technique for beginners is located on the game gradations. Do not change the position and arrangement of dyes such as crayons, lined up neatly in place, because that was the correct position of color gradation according to tutor coloring. Unless you have to memorize the location of the color gradation sequence course. Then to the background color, choose a color that does not dim color impression his main object. Do not let the background color more ‘wow’ from the main color of the object. You can use some additional tools to help coloring for the best result. It is finishing tools or clear. This tool is used to coat the image to make it look clean. Impurities from the outside attached not joining the crayon so it can be cleaned. This tool is used after the drawing process is complete and ready images on display.

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Besides tool, technique is also important. This technique is done by putting a finger under the crayon with his fingertips pinching and tapping on a paper. This technique is rarely in use by children because the children are already accustomed to holding stationery that holds the crayon was like holding stationery. Well, how? Hopefully it can help comrades who are having the same case with me as at the beginning of the story. For the comrades who are experts might deign to correct or add coloring tips for beginners.

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