Complement Tools of Coloring Crayon Tips

Many people experience difficulty when using a crayon, particularly in terms of cleanliness. When we are coloring a field with a crayon, and then accidentally affecting the hands, then the color becomes dull or dirty. Usually we use tissue or gloves to cover your hands while coloring with crayon.

Colorful Crayon

There are two types of crayon namely Oil pastel and Wax. Oil Pastel crayon crayons are made from a mixture of oil and powdered dye, while Crayon Wax crayons are made from a mixture of wax and dye powder. Both of these types of crayons have advantages and disadvantages. Oil pastel nature is not too hard and not too slippery, while Wax has a hard and slippery character. When we look back in the history of crayons, crayons created before the artist prefers to use oil and acrylic paint as paint but they find it difficult when disseminate to children. It is because the materials used are materials that are harmful to health and unfriendly on the environment.


When coloring with crayons, there are several tools that accompany it. The first is pencil. This serves to reinforce the outer portion of the line or contour of drawing. This pencil is used in the latter part of the process, ie after coloring crayon completed. Crayon remover is used to remove crayon color or image that is considered unnecessary. So images look clean. Small Sweep or Brush serves as a tool to clean up the dregs of crayons that are on paper drawing.

The tissue is used as a cleaner pulp tissue that attaches tip crayon crayons. The type of tissue used is dry wipes are commonly sold in stores. Scrape tool is used to create special techniques in a particular way on already dyed crayon on paper. This tool can be made from any origin of the substance or object edges flat and rather hard.

Crayon Kid

They are such as ice cream scoop, coins, combs or other. Usually when we buy a lot of crayons with the content in it that is already available tools. Joiner tool serves as a fitting broken crayon or which has been short so that it can be reused. Usually these tools already exist in the package of crayons that we buy. Sharpener tool is to whittle crayons so for small areas that could be affordable for colored. There are two types of this tool. Small diameter hole, is used to whittle crayons that have a small diameter and sharpener with large diameter hole, is used to whittle crayons that have a large diameter.

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